Apartments for sale and rental

Built back to 1970 Residence of Hollywood condo is just as close to the ocean as it can ever be. Fine luxury style building just gives the sense of those years, when big cars and splendid women were a symbol of the modern eve. It just has the spirit which poisons you and makes you “wanna stay”.

3000 OCEAN DR, Hollywood, FL

Residence of Hollywood condo residents have absolutely exclusive access to the amazing beach-walk area with pool-side cabanas giving out directly to the ocean. All the residences are equipped with open concept layouts, wide terraces with glass railings as well “smart building” technology and even more. Access is provided at all-round-the-clock principle and with business-lounge and valet service. Apartments have the high-speed internet access, multichannel TV network. Just go out to check live performances on street, try the exquisite cuisine at the restaurant just over the corner. If you have a mood for party, that’s just a choice to make! For easy relaxing Residence has saunas, Jacuzzis and pools just at a hand. Fitness center will keep you body and mind fit and healthy.

Residences on Hollywood Condo may really be the best place to live

  • Club/party room with pool table and direct access to the pool area
  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Landscaped pool area with Jacuzzi
  • Pool-side cabanas overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
  • Full-service concierge desk
  • Business lounge and 24-hour valet service